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Application Areas

Buffer Management 

Key Attributes

  • Quantitative and Qualitative information on buffer solutions delivered in real-time

  • Designed for use with inline conditioning systems (IC) and single use systems

  • Plug and play functionality with minimum modification of existing hardware

  • Method development capable of method validation, transfer verification, method verification

  • Increased regulatory and operator assurance for high value therapeutics

Output Data

  • Result derived from a measured spectrum, not inferred through chemometrics, conductivity or pH

  • Numerical link from spectra to result – No spectral interpretation required

  • Data integrity CFR 11 compliant

Operation and Calibration

  • Easily accessible with in-situ calibration

  • Increased sterility – No physical contact between PAT probe and flowing buffer solutions

  • Remote access and operation

  • Modular construction with easily replaceable components

CW IC system.png

Upstream Processing

Coming Soon

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